Service2Media Announces Partnership with Nokia to Cultivate Windows Phone Apps

Windows phone apps have a long way to go in order to catch up to iOS and Android apps in terms of their numbers and general popularity.

Despite trailing its competitors, the Windows Phone platform is still growing. In December of 2011, for example, the platform grew by a daily average of 265 apps. By January 2012 this number grew to an average of 400 apps per day.

As of this writing, the Marketplace has more than 55,000 apps.

Not withstanding the need to play additional catch up, Service2Media – a global provider of advanced app solutions for smartphones and tablets – is consolidating its Global Alliance Network via closer cooperation with Nokia.  The goal? To push Windows Phone apps to new heights.

On Service2Media’s App Lifecycle Platform an app can be easily developed for several different operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Phone OS. According to details shared by the partners on Friday, Nokia will serve up technical support to Service2Media platform developers for this purpose.

“Nokia has provided Service2Media with Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones,” the hardware maker says, “ensuring their developers easy access to the devices and the ability to test Windows apps immediately and at all times. This makes it significantly easier for developers to offer more apps for Windows Phone.”