SEO Still King of the Hill: 93% of Traffic for Businesses Starts Here

SEO Still King of the Hill 93 Percent of Traffic for Businesses Starts HereSearch engines are still where it’s at for many businesses — whether they’re promoting baby toys or political blogs. Yes, social media and mobile pushes are getting more attention, and they work.

Yet, nothing seems to work like SEO.

Want proof? It’s often in the raw numbers.

According to a new infographic created by the SEO experts and digital marketing gurus at Salt Lake City, Utah-based Fusion 360 and recently shared with MMW, the numbers are pretty amazing.

For instance, 93 percent of the traffic for businesses still emanates from SEO. The search industry is now estimated to be worth $16 billion. And unluckily for staffers tasked with improving results on search powerhouses like Google, to this day 73 percent of seekers never scroll past the first page of results.

Here’s the infographic that says it all.