SEO Brand Helps Brands in the ‘Mobile-Only’ Movement

bg-header-10The mobile communications industry is quickly becoming one of the most profitable industries today.

“This likely isn’t surprise considering how much society relies on Smartphones, tablets, and other devices to look up information or make a purchase,” says the team at SEO Brand.

In fact, statistics show that wireless telecom services are expected to generate approximately $554 billion in revenue, and approximately 67 percent of the total population is expected to own and use a mobile phone by 2019.

Is it possible that we will become a mobile-only world? It certainly seems that way, and Google thinks so, too, the company said in its announcement this week.

As a result, local search is becoming more and more important for businesses, making SEO Brand a “prime resource for helping businesses boost their online presence and fine-tune their SEO strategies.”

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