Seniors Down Under Are Goin Mo Bile

I just found this on Mobilised.

Telstra, an Australian communication provider just launched a 3M grant program to help elders get hooked up with some mobile knowledge! That’s awesome because too often it’s our Seniors that become disconnected with not just society but family and friends right? What a great way to put something positive into their day! If you’ve got grandparents or parents that are seniors don’t you agree that they’d be thrilled to get a Picture of the family or their grand children on their mobile phone? I do. I send them now to family members and they love em.

If you’re a mobile handset, provider or technology trainer in Australia you might be interested in the details about the Telstra Connected Seniors Program. Although, Telstra appears to be a rather large organization so I’m not sure that there’s opportunity there for the handset or provider space. Perhaps Training though.

Won’t it be funny when you ask your Mom, Dad or Grandparents what they’re doing and you get a response like “Not now, I’m text`ng my bowling buddies” 🙂