Sendandsee To Debut Mobile Content “Tweet Integration And Monetization” Tool At MWC

Sendandsee To Debut Mobile Content Tweet Integration And Monetization Tool At MWCSendandsee, a startup focusing on new-age mobile media solutions, plans on debuting a unique Twitter integration solution at next week’s Mobile World Congress that promises to easily integrate automated user-generated content and images into a publisher’s existing mobile content.

Dubbed “Mobiprint,” the solution provides a method for content owners to catch the relevant discussions and images on Twitter and integrate them into the content owner’s own mobile services, enabling “automated integration and tweet monetization,” as the company puts it.  Mobiprint is a patented “mobile service creation platform,” that’s built with low network speeds and unlimited terminal variation in mind, making it scalable and easily integrated into a wide variety of uses.

While details are scant leading up to its debut at MWC, I understand it to work by indexing mobile content already used by a publisher, and then automatically pulling relevant discussions and images from Twitter in real-time to enhance the content and keep it as relevant as possible.  If it works as I understand it, it could be a pretty powerful tool.  “We see this feature as an important add-on to existing mobile services.  It can integrate user-generated content and discussions back to the original story, creating a loop with many opportunities.” says Jorma Kario, VP for Sales at Sendandsee.

From a monetization standpoint, advertising in mobiprint can come from a variety of pre-defined sources, or Sendandsee can insert it automatically.  Sendandsee’s mobiprint platform will be linked with multiple advertising sources, including Smaato’s mobile ad optimization platform, SOMA, which aggregates multiple ad-networks globally to maximize mobile advertising revenues.

It’s a unique solution, and one I definitely see catching on in the near future.  Real-time content is no doubt the future, especially on the mobile front, and mobile content publishers will need all the automated help they can get to maximize the opportunities.