Senator Ted Cruz Succeeds with SMS at CPAC

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) provided a widely-covered keynote address at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the weekend, extolling the virtues of freedom, championing economic growth, and defending the Constitution.

In the process, the prominent GOP Senator counted on SMS to spread his message and engage with like-minded Americans all across the nation.

“How many of you have a cell phone on you right now?” he asked, prompting a large reaction from the live audience and many more watching online. “I want you to text the word GROWTH to 33733… when you do that, you’ll be joining us and helping to spread the word that freedom works.”

According to Tatango, which powered the SMS program, there were 16,000 opt-ins during the speech.

“With the significant growth that we have seen in the last year,” Tantango announced last December, “we decided it was time to bring on a newer, sleeker short code. We are pleased to introduce our new Tatango short code – 33733. This vanity short code is provisioned by all U.S. and Canadian carriers and will be a great asset to your SMS campaigns.”

It was certainly an asset to Senator Cruz and his high-profile keynote at CPAC last weekend.

To watch an excerpt from the Texas Senator’s speech soliciting support via text, click here.