Selfies May Soon Become Your New Mobile-Centric Password

Selfies May Soon Become Your New Mobile-Centric PasswordRemember the classic James Bond movies where 007 would undergo a facial scan in order to be able to access a particular location? That’s essentially how credit cards will use selfies in the future.

MasterCard is currently beta-testing with 500 people the use of a selfie as their password.

Many phone creators are already on board with this breakthrough idea. Apple, Blackberry, Samsung Microsoft, and even Google are all aid to be excited to implement this new security feature.

So how exactly does this work? According to Information week, “The facial recognition program will map out the user’s face and convert it to binary code, which is then transmitted over the Web to MasterCard. Once the scan is set up, a user will see their image prior to making a purchase and will have to blink at their smartphone in order to verify their identity and complete the purchase.”

With this new idea, though, does come some skepticism. If this is something that will be utilized to handle sensitive financial information, more advanced facial recognition technology will be needed… and soon.

For more information on selfie passwords, check out the full report from Information Week.