SEGA Playing with New Mobile Ad Partner

SEGA Playing with New Mobile Ad PartnerNativeX, a native advertising platform for mobile games, has struck a new deal with venerable video gaming brand SEGA.

Through this partnership, we’re told that SEGA will incorporate NativeX’s technology into mobile’s Sonic Dash game. NativeX will sell the advertising as part of its network offering.

SEGA, which has seen massive console success with the Sonic franchise has moved aggressively to bring their games to mobile.

“We are very excited to be working with a company with as rich of a history in gaming as SEGA,” said Robert Weber, NativeX’s senior vice president of business development. “It’s one of the most respected, creative company in the industry, and we look forward to helping SEGA further grow its mobile business with innovative advertising solutions.”

NativeX’s ad technology includes multiple native ad formats including interstitial, banner, offer wall, rich media, and high-definition video.

“Creating an amazing gaming experience for our customers is our top priority. NativeX truly understands the challenges of protecting the user experience while monetizing through advertising,” adds Mike Evans, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at SEGA. “We were able to improve the UX dramatically in one week by testing and optimizing our ad formats and placements.”