Seeking the Sign-Up: Digital Retailers Still Banking on This Marketing Tactic

emailmarketing“Placing a sign-up form on the homepage of a website is the primary way U.S. digital retailers encourage email subscriptions,” according to recent research.

“Publicare Marketing Communications analyzed 6,109 retail websites from April 2015 to June 2015 that offer email subscriptions and found that 87.3 percent of U.S. digital retailers encourage email subscription sign-ups on their site simply by placing a form on their homepage,” according to eMarketer this week.

Sometimes, incentives were employed to spur sign-ups — not as frequently, but it’s a tactic. The research showed that 18.8 percent of polled retailers said that they use coupon offers in an effort to boost email subscriptions.

On the other hand, a mere 5.3 percent of retailers post sign-up forms on subpages.

Email is still an effective way for marketers to drive awareness of their brands and to entice consumers with relevant content and incentives.

“Overall, email marketing remains a dependable tactic for retailers,” eMarketer concludes. “According to March 2015 research from eTail, while search accounted for 43 percent of marketing spend but only 38 percent of revenue, email’s 17 percent of spend led to 24 percent of revenue.”