Seek Launches New Augmented Reality Mobile Platform

26bb2e3d2fb6a6437228ba89c7a2Brands can launch augmented reality, location-based marketing campaigns through a new platform about which MMW was briefed earlier this week.

“An augmented reality, location-based treasure hunting app has been created and released within the United States that rewards users with real prizes, similar to Pokemon Go but with the chance to win actual things instead of goofy digital beings,” is the official word from the maker of a hot new platform.

Welcome to the world of Seek.

“There is no inherent value gained from playing Pokemon Go,” said Jon Cheney, founder of Seek. “You catch digital creatures and then you’re done. We’re basically going to get rid of the Pokemon, bring in treasure chests, and add rewards. You go out and capture treasure chests, when you open it up you have a randomized chance of winning something.”

Seek began as a physical treasure hunt under a different name, attracting people to come out and search for prizes like a bunch of modernized pirates. Looking to capitalize on the interest and maximize their ability to grow, the Seek team began exploring avenues to make this happen.

“We thought, ‘We can do this bigger and better and faster with an app’,” Cheney said. “We started down that pathway, did a couple of whiteboard sessions, and then a couple weeks later, boom, Pokemon Go hit the world.”

So how does it work?

I hop on my phone, download the app, and now the adventure begins. Treasure chests have been placed throughout the world that I can capture with my camera, requiring me to venture to the physical location and capture them digitally. Unlike Pokemon Go, capturing treasure chests can have tangible value — $1,000 here, a big screen television there, a GoalZero kit everywhere. Seek is also forming partnerships with multiple businesses that allows them to engage with consumers and draw more people to their location.

“We give businesses the ability to drop a treasure chest right outside their store, put whatever they want inside it, and attract customers to come open it, vying at a chance to win something,” Cheney said. For example, Times Square has a GoalZero Chest and a Blendtec Chest, waiting with exclusive discounts and the opportunity to win free product from their respective companies for those that download the app to go find them.

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