Seeing is Believing with New “Projector Glasses”

mobile-glasses.jpgMobintech, a Danish company specializing in design, development and production of microdisplay based products and low-power electronic designs, may have solved the mobile phone industry’s problem of trying to offer television and video services on a tiny screen.

Mobintech is actively marketing a “chunky pair of futuristic-looking glasses” that conveniently connects to mobile phones. When worn by a viewer, the impression of watching a 30-inch flat screen television is given.

If early reports are to be believed, many who have tried the projector glasses remain in disbelief over the striking image clarity and depth of picture offered by this new mobile multimedia accessory.

“The logic of our product,” says marketing director Soren Peterson “is that everyone wants to push mobile television at the moment but there are obstacles. The first is the size of the screen. If you’re watching football you can’t see the ball. If it’s boxing, you don’t know who is hitting who.”

Although mobile users rank multimedia entertainment high on the list of attractive mobile phone attributes, to date, problems for the development of video have been things other than the screen itself – issues from the service provider side or from the network infrastructure.

As a trend, mobile phone screens are growing exponentially larger as the resolution similarly increases. Consequently, the current market offers a number of high-end phones considered “adequate” for viewing photos and short videos. Handsets, however, can’t grow much larger without running the risk of appearing like mini-computers. And according to Mobintech, this is exactly why they’re banking on their “projector glasses.”

Apart from looking like a Star-Trek character while donning the spectacles, there may not be many consumer-related concerns presenting obstacles for Mobintech’s new product line, except of course, that those looking to watch a considerable amount of video on their mobile phones remain a relatively small niche market.

The marketing campaign should be an interesting one.