SearchDex Survey: Half of Marketers Say Google’s Algorithm Now Demands Technology Response for Effective SEO

Media Announcement: SearchDex, a digital marketing technology and service company, announced today its SDX Hyperloop platform, which allows marketers to build their brand through more sophisticated, big data-powered SEO. The new platform provides marketers with orchestrated analytics and a higher level of personalization, built on core search engine optimization (SEO) principles. The SearchDex platform also puts marketing directly in charge of timely SEO, eliminating dependence on IT.

A new platform with 15 years of SEO expertise behind it

With its easy-to-use, cloud-based new platform, based on 15 years of pioneering expertise, SearchDex is disrupting the traditional SEO model. “SDX Hyperloop advancements are a critical step as we continue building a platform that results in the best connection with the target consumer and provides a great experience right from the outset,” said David Chaplin, SearchDex CEO.

SEO is no longer about ranking high in search results but about providing valuable, discoverable content across the web in a way that allows Google to get a product or company in front of the customers who most want to find it. In this way, brand is not being built as much on search as on messaging.

“This is about much more than just search ranking—we’re talking about the first step in creating brand trust between product and consumer. If a consumer’s first interaction with your brand is your product or service popping up as the result of an irrelevant search query, the opportunity for a good experience will be lost,” Chaplin explained.

From IT-dependence to full marketing autonomy and control

With SearchDex SDX Hyperloop, marketers gain the ability to implement changes at scale, bypassing IT to more fully leverage their SEO expertise. The new platform allows for optimized content discovery and the proactive, deep SEO that makes this possible–while taking the SEO reins out of the hands of IT and putting them into the hands of the marketing department.

“The key to building a company’s brand through the power of search is freeing marketers to implement an SEO strategy themselves through technology that they control—removing the friction currently in place with the reliance on IT and creating a straight path from marketing to consumers,” said Chaplin. “This straight path, combined with the technology to automate many of the signals coming in through artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, allows marketers to connect to consumers on an emotional level through search itself.”

SDX Hyperloop: insights, actions, audit, merchandise and monitor

With SearchDex, marketers can create custom landing pages (CLPs) that enable them to more specifically target customers. SearchDex also provides a hypercategorization—“HyperCats”—feature that makes visible the faceted navigation that does not get picked up by search engines.

The new platform is an integrated solution that delivers search engine optimization value at scale, explained Chaplin. “We’re putting analytics to work while also reducing the costs and time required per custom page.”

The SDX Hyperloop platform makes analytics tools “prove their value” by targeting real inefficiencies:

  • Goes beyond mere analytics by providing actionable insights
  • Improves content ROI with personalized context

SDX Hyperloop is unique in that it:

  • Creates accountability across a custom solution set
  • Allows both low/no-touch automated refinement and marketing expertise curation

“We have come a very long way since pure keyword ranking days,” said Elizabeth Johnson, SVP and General Manager of Agency Services at LiveArea—The PFS Agency. “With SearchDex, we are able to reach customers directly through SEO—a powerful new way of building a brand through search.”

About SearchDex

Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital brand connections, SearchDex provides a strategic method for organic SEO and online brand visibility which solves e-commerce challenges and achieves online revenue growth goals. Its proprietary platform directly addresses a fundamental enterprise SEO challenge—the gap between buyer and seller—with a unified solution that offers a distinct and integrated approach to digital marketing for e-commerce companies of all sizes. Visit SearchDex at for more information.