Screen6 Partners with Airpush, Kochava Collective, ShareThis to Boost Data Offering

screen6-bolsters-data-offering-through-partnerships-with-airpush-kochava-collective-sharethis-700x352Screen6, a cross-device identity management company, confirmed to MAW this week the ability for its partners to “expand their private identity graphs beyond their own dataset” through a number of critically important new strategic alliances.

MAW notes that the partnerships include Airpush, ShareThis, and Kochava Collective.

“Unlike other cross-device vendors, Screen6 maintains strict silos to store each of its clients’ datasets and does not own or license any of its own data to augment its clients’ graphs,” the Screen6 team says. “Without a centralized master graph to rely on, Screen6 does not require a cookie-sync with each of its clients. Screen6’s technology is able to work with data passed server-to-server since each cookie pool is de-duplicated within its own environment. Thus, Screen6 can process data and build private identity solutions for its licensees across all geographies while abiding by local legislation and industry self-regulation.”

Some clients require supplemental data to fill holes in their own dataset. A well-established desktop platform, for example, may want to extend into mobile. With Screen6’s Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) motto, the platform will now be able to leverage in-app data from the Kochava Collective and AirPush to bridge the gap.

Seth Socolow, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Airpush, says his company — a leading global mobile advertising platform — is optimistic about partnering with Screen6 “to give cross device buyers an opportunity to reach their audiences on desktop web, mobile web, or in-app.”

“Screen6 brings a differentiated technology and business model to the cross-device space and we look forward to working together,” Socolow adds.