SCORE Ranks Social Media Channels for B2C and B2B — And They’re Different

SCORE Ranks Social Media Channels for B2C and B2B -- And They're DifferentRecently SCORE, the nation’s largest network of free expert business mentors, put their heads together to corral statistics on the most effective strategies for social media marketing.

It’s an important issue. About 88 percent of rapidly growing small and mid-size businesses now utilize social media.

So what works, according to those retired but still savvy executives?

Depending on the target audience, marketers found certain social media platforms to be more effective. SCORE execs asked B2C marketers which platforms provide the best results. In order of positive impact, the respondents pointed to Facebook (58 percent), Twitter (52 percent), YouTube (49 percent), Instagram (43 percent), Pinterest (41 percent), LinkedIn (36 percent), and Google+ (23 percent).

On the other hand, B2B marketers had a slightly different vision of which social media channels were most valuable to them, citing LinkedIn at the top (63 percent), followed by Twitter (55 percent), YouTube (48 percent), Slideshare (42 percent), Vimeo (40 percent), Facebook (32 percent), and Pinterest (25 percent).

“Surprisingly, people share content 49 percent more on weekdays than on weekends,” noted SCORE. “Forty-eight percent of B2C marketers tend to post more than once a week, and 42 percent of B2B marketers post daily or many times a week.”

Want to download the SCORE Infographic (pdf) for more details on the best social media marketing practices? Click here.