ScoopMAE Aims to Help Industrial Enterprises Mobilize Business Processes

ScoopMAE Aims to Help Industrial Enterprises Mobilize Business ProcessesA representative of ScoopMAE in Vancouver, Canada reached out to MMW this week to chat about the company’s latest effort to help industrial enterprises mobilize their business processes.

The provider of mobile awareness and engagement solutions has just announced the launch of the Scoop 4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform.

So what’s the scoop on Scoop?

Using Scoop, operations personnel are able to quickly and cost-effectively build, deploy and maintain their own mobile apps without the need to hire developers or endure long project lifecycles and tech obsolescence. The apps are configured and run within the Scoop environment, ensuring strong security and flexible access control. The common platform also enables managers to easily run reports by cross-linking and analyzing data pulled from multiple sources.

“Over the years I spent a lot of time working in the field and witnessed firsthand how overwhelmed teams were with juggling all of the tools needed to properly capture and share information with their home offices,” says Babak Sardary, CEO and co-founder of ScoopMAE. “It became clear what these teams really wanted was a new way to record, share, and collaborate together. In essence, we’ve given them a modern, multimedia means of communicating ‘Here’s the real scoop’.”

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