Science, Inc. Makes a Noteworthy Mobile Ad Acquisition

Science, Inc. Makes a Noteworthy Mobile Ad AcquisitionScience, Inc. is a well-established marketing, branding, and disruptive media company. And their stature only increased further in recent days following news of their major acquisition in the world of mobile app advertising.

Science, Inc. has purchased the pioneering mobile app advertising company PlayHaven Ad Network.

PlayHaven Ad Network was one of the first mobile app advertising companies in the world, and remains a critically important mobile ad network. It is estimated that PlayHaven generates over 5.7 billion monthly sessions on an estimated 1.5 billion devices.

The acquisition will allow Science to continue to expand their services to publishers, by offering innovative new solutions for ad monetization, and mobile advertising in general.

While there are many other mobile ad companies on the market, it is PlayHaven’s unique approach to targeting that has led to their success, which Science now intends to capitalize on.