ScanLife Updates Barcode Mobile App, Now Capable Of Reading All Barcode Formats, Including UPC

ScanLife Updates Barcode Mobile App, Now Capable Of Reading All Barcode Formats, Including UPCScanLife has created arguably the best and most widely used mobile barcode reader on the market, and recently announced updates to make its offering even stronger.

ScanLife was one of the first applications capable of reading all major barcode formats on three of the leading Smartphone platforms, including popular 2D barcode formats such as Datamatrix, EZcode and QR.  With the new version of the app, phones with auto-focus cameras –- such as the DROID by Motorola, BlackBerry Tour and iPhone 3GS –- can read 1D barcodes like UPC, EAN and ISBN as well.

ScanLife’s growth is largely attributed to the fact that its app is being preloaded on millions of handsets by leading mobile operators like Sprint and Telefonica, including handsets sold in North America.  Access to such apps has long been a major prohibiting factor to the mainstream adoption of mobile barcodes.  Leaving the process of acquiring a mobile barcode reader to the user was never a winning formula, and ScanLife knew it.  By pre-installing it, users are much more apt to recognize the benefits and increase usage.

ScanLife will continue to read 2D barcodes, which are commonly used as physical hyperlinks from traditional media such as magazine ads, business cards and direct mail, but with UPC and EAN barcodes being found on nearly every consumer product in the world, the addition will open up numerous usage possibilities for ScanLife users.  ScanLife can take the information found in UPC and EAN barcodes to provide a list of price comparisons and consumer reviews from multiple online retailers like Amazon.  More retailers and features will be added to the application like local search results as well.

“Mobile barcode scanning has quickly become a popular activity among Smartphone users, and there are now a wide variety of apps that can each scan different barcode formats,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, Chief Executive Officer of Scanbuy.  “Our ScanLife app will now allow someone to scan virtually any barcode they see to instantly get more information, creating an all-in-one barcode reader which is ideal for our users and our customers.”