Say What? Yes, It’s True: Many Marketing, IT Execs Don’t Have Mobile-First Strategy

Say What Yes, It's True Many Marketing, IT Execs Don't Have Mobile-First StrategyMarketers aren’t clueless — they get the mobile thing with its proliferation of smartphones and more and more time spent on mobile devices.

Still, though about half of marketers and IT executives have adopted a mobile-first strategy, that makes half that still haven’t made the transition.

That fact come from November, 2015 data from the Leapfrog Marketing Institute showing that 51 percent of marketing executives and 45 percent of IT executives in the U.S. said their company is not building a mobile-first environment.

“Additionally, 6 percent of marketing and IT executives (admitted) they don’t know if their company is taking a mobile-first approach,” reports eMarketer.

The reasons for this?

“Security and other technical challenges, as well as time, money and education, may be reasons why some marketers have not taken a mobile-first approach,” adds eMarketer.

Security is a big issue, according to January 2015, research by Accenture. This company contends that almost half of executives worldwide said that security issues was one of the main challenges they faced when developing or managing mobile apps, for example.

“Performance issues were a challenge for more than one-third of respondents and 33 percent said that operational issues — difficulty building and updating apps efficiently –were a hurdle,” the report concludes.