Saving Face(book): Users Can Now Save Content for Later

Saving Face(book): Users Can Now Save Content for LaterInteresting stuff on Facebook, but no time now to read it?

Now you can save it for later. Facebook has introduced an Instapaper-like feature called “Save” that allows users to bookmark links, photos, and videos shared on the social network and return to them later.

“After users save a post on Facebook, they can pull up a new “Saved” tab to view their stockpile of time-delayed content,” according to a story posted about this development at AdAge.

Content that is saved by a user remains private unless the Facebook member chooses to share it with others.

Occasionally, Facebook will remind users of the things they have saved in their news feeds to remind them of stored content.

Just so you know: advertisers will not be able to bookmark users. The new feature does not allow marketers to target ads to people who save particular ads or page posts, a Facebook spokeswoman said. Nor will Facebook tell brands exactly how many people saved a given ad or page post, according to company execs.