Satuit Technologies Boosts e-Marketing and Mobile Options

ecommerceMMW has learned that Satuit Technologies, Inc., a global leader in software solutions for the professional investment market, is rolling out the SatuitCRM Fall 2016 software release.

“This latest update brings improved emailing marketing abilities, as well as expanded support for tablets and smartphones,” a provided statement reads.

Some of the key enhancements in this version include integrated e-marketing and a new interface for the Investor Portal.

SatuitCRM users can prepare a new list or update an existing list stored in their 3rd party marketing software without ever leaving SatuitCRM. They can also get automated updates within the CRM of the mailing statistics provided by their third party e-marketing software. These new features mean SatuitCRM users can manage lists and create e-marketing reports and dashboards all within the CRM interface.

“This upgrade to SatuitCRM responds to the growing use of additional portable devices in the business world, and makes communication to multiple clients and prospects even easier to execute and to track,” says Karen Maguire, CEO of Satuit Technologies.