Samsung to Slash Spending on Mobile Marketing

Samsung to Slash Spending on Mobile MarketingAt a time when companies and industries as diverse as the day is long are pouring more of their budgets into mobile marketing, Samsung is going in a different direction.

Samsung says it will slash its mobile marketing this year to where it’s relative to revenue. Put differently, this commitment represents the company’s desire to mitigate what some in the past have called excessive unfocused, and even reckless marketing spending.

It was, after all, incessant promotional spending that ate into Samsung’s fourth-quarter bottom line.

“We’ll actively leverage global sports events such as the Sochi (Winter) Olympics and our retail channels… but we will try to raise the efficiency of our marketing spend and lower our overall mobile marketing budget to revenue this year compared with last year,” explains Samsung’s senior Vice President Kim Hyunjoon.

Last week, even though Samsung reported lower than expected Q4 2013 profits, the company’s total revenues and profits for the full year reached new all-time record highs.