Samsung, Sleep Genius Take Wearable Tech to The Next Level with Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung, Sleep Genius Take Wearable Tech to The Next Level with Galaxy Gear 2Just in time for Mobile World Congress, Samsung is dazzling the mobile masses once more with the fresh unveiling of the Tizen OS-powered Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch.

In the process, however, Samsung is awakening the world of wearables to a new beginning in smartwatch sophistication by filling the tremendous void in wearable solutions for sleeplessness.

New details regarding the Galaxy Gear 2 are coming to light Monday morning, which reveal that the next-generation device is a game-changer in the product category.

From monitoring fitness activity and calorie intake, to recording sleep patterns and even blood pressure, countless leading wearable devices are designed to track. But none – until now – could also treat the underlying problems that continue to imperil the health and wellness of millions.

Sleep Genius, a scientifically advanced sleep program developed by top researchers in the fields of neuroscience, sleep, and music, is putting to rest one of the most persistent complaints about today’s top wearable technologies by integrating with the new Samsung Gear 2.

“Integrating Sleep Genius into the new Samsung Gear 2 not only raises the bar for wearable tech, it also reflects the company’s commitment to giving consumers what they truly need – a better night’s sleep through safe and effective technology that only Sleep Genius can deliver,” says Colin House, CEO of Sleep Genius.

From Monday’s announcement:

Following their research helping NASA astronauts get to sleep in space, the makers of Sleep Genius are giving Gear users access to what many neuroscientists profess to be the most effective all-natural sleep solution ever devised.

Delivering scientifically composed music designed to create the optimal sleep environment, and featuring the remarkable Revive Cycle Alarm, which gradually awakens users and leaves them feeling refreshed from any stage of sleep, Sleep Genius may hold the key to correcting what the CDC calls a “public health epidemic” of insufficient sleep.

With an estimated 1 in 4 adults now living with some form of sleep disorder, House explains, Gear’s deployment of the cutting-edge science behind Sleep Genius couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch will ship in April.