Samsung Galaxy S4: What Will it Mean for Mobile Advertising?

Tonight at Radio City Music Hall in New York, Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S4 – will be formally unveiled, along with its rumored 5-inch screen, quad-core chip, 13MP camera, eye-scroll technology, and other industry leading features.

As Samsung Electronics looks to deliver a devastating blow to its iPhone rival, mobile advertisers on the Android side of the aisle are looking to do the same.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, Opera Mediaworks recently reported, Android devices for the first time ever drove more mobile advertising impressions than iPhones during an entire quarter.

“The momentum in mobile advertising today is with Android,” says independent mobile advertising consultant Blake Grifasi. “Developers are doing some really cool things with Android today. They’ll be watching closely tonight at what new features the GSIV will give them.”

It goes without saying that new features like Floating Touch and eye-tracking bring enormous potential for the mobile ad industry, especially for the ad networks and advertisers creative enough to leverage these innovations with new and highly engaging ad formats.

“If mobile ad networks stay creative and harness the full potential of these new features and resources that today‚Äôs top Android devices are laying at their feet,” the analyst projects, “there’s no doubt in my mind that Android will be the single most dominant platform for mobile advertising for the remainder of the decade.”