Samsung Backs New Private Mobile Ad Exchange

Samsung Electronics today is turning heads with its new partnership with OpenX Technologies.

If you’re not familiar with the company, OpenX is a top provider of digital advertising technologies around the world.

On Tuesday, Samsung and OpenX confirmed their joint partnership behind a major new private advertising exchange specifically for global mobile inventory, including smartphones and tablets.

The new exchange, which will be called the Samsung AdHub Market powered by OpenX, will be available to advertisers wishing to advertise on mobile-specific inventory.

The partnership creates the first mobile private exchange formed by one of the world’s leading digital device manufacturers and is part of Samsung AdHub’s vision to provide sophisticated targeting solutions for advertisers.

“Samsung is empowering both the developer and the advertiser, by creating a win-win solution, in which the app developer is able to achieve higher revenues and advertisers are able to reach their marketing goals. To this extent, we believe RTB can play an important role in motivating all players and we’re delighted to partner with OpenX and use its excellent technology as the foundation for it,” said Daniel Park, Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center.

The Samsung AdHub Market is expected to launch in the second half of 2012.