Sallie Mae Rolls Out Innovative New App

Sallie Mae Rolls Out Innovative New AppStudent loan powerhouse Sallie Mae recently launched a new mobile app titled College Ahead to assist high school students in planning and preparing for college.

College Ahead contains invaluable tips for planning for college, and interactive tools high school students can utilize to gear up for four years of higher learning.

Not surprisingly, the app also provides access to Sallie Mae’s Scholarship Search and College Planning Calculator, as well as step-by-step instructions for how parents and students can begin planning for college. The app allows for far more detail than the average college counselor is able to provide, and helps parents and students get the conversation of planning for college started.

The app is geared primarily toward juniors and seniors, and is designed to be as fun as it is informative.

“We developed the College Ahead Mobile App very much in response to what we’ve been seeing in our research and hearing from students and parents,” Richard Castellano, a rep for Sallie Mae, recently told Mobile Commerce Daily. “While the vast majority of families view college as a critical and worthwhile investment, most families do not have a plan to get there.”

“Parents and students have also told us they want step-by-step instructions to prepare for college,” Castellano says,” and we heard them.”