Salesfloor Rolls Out Advanced Mobile Messaging Solution for Store Associates

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that Salesfloor — a technology platform for omnichannel retail associates — announced a first-of-its-kind mobile messaging feature that connects customers to their local store’s associate with text messaging.

The new service, we’re told, helps associates make product recommendations using SMS so that customers can shop online with their local store or favorite associate.

As retailers continue to expand their service offerings to reach mobile shoppers, Salesfloor’s new set of features enable associates to send shoppable products to customers via SMS messages. Associates using Salesfloor can easily add clickable product recommendations in messages sent by secure text message. The new feature also integrates with popular messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat.

“More than three billion people globally use mobile messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WeChat on a regular basis,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO and co-founder of Salesfloor. “This represents a huge opportunity for retailers to engage with customers who use their connected devices to shop when they are not in the physical store. Our preliminary data points to a meaningful lift in customer engagement metrics and store sales performance.”

As for availability, we’re told its available on both Storefront for Associates and Storefront for Stores, individual associates or teams can send product recommendations that, once purchased by a customer, are credited back to the referring associate or store.