Salesfloor Performance Data Proves E-Commerce is the Biggest Driver for Black Friday Sales

Salesfloor, a mobile application designed for store associates, just announced its holiday outlook following sky-high sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Results include data from the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, starting November 23, through November 27. During this time period, Salesfloor retailers saw a 28 percent year-over-year increase in average total sales. Salesfloor’s platform is used by retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and more.

“Salesfloor’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday data proves that retailers who are evolving to meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers are seeing positive pre-holiday results,” said Oscar Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Salesfloor. “By empowering associates to connect with shoppers across channels and create a personalized relationship, shoppers are more inclined to turn to their trusted associate or store in times when they have access to various deals at multiple retailers.”

In 2017, American shoppers spent $5 billion in 24 hours, marking a 16.9 percent increase in dollars spent online compared to Black Friday in 2016. Additionally, according to Adobe, Cyber Monday was the largest-ever single day of online sales in the U.S. Over 10,000 retail associates used the Salesfloor platform to serve customers online through chat, marketing and connect tools, achieving unprecedented results during the initial holiday period, including:

1. Increased conversions and sales

48 percent year-over-year increase in online conversion rates.
28 percent year-over-year increase in average total sales.
13 percent year-over-year increase in sales per average user.
7 percent year-over-year increase in average order value.

2. New customer acquisitions

New customer acquisitions increased by 264 percent.
For every $100 spent online via Salesfloor, retailers are able to attribute $68 purchased in a brick-and-mortar location.

3. Growth in shopper requests for help from online associates

Number of requests grew by 31 percent year-over-year per user.

In December, the company will release its study exploring what modern shoppers expect from associates in an omnichannel shopping experience, and their preferred communication methods. Retailers use Salesfloor to empower their sales associates to become “omnichannel associates” and market directly to local shoppers, so they can provide more personalized service online and in-store.