SafeApp Certificate Gives Android Devs a Solution to Secure User Confidence

With mobile app privacy concerns apparent across the the user bases of all leading mobile OS ecosystems today, legislators, regulators and consumers alike are searching for resolution to the underlying apprehensions.

To that end, SafeApp Mobility, Inc. has just announced the availability of the SafeApp Certificate. It is advertised as a “simple, affordable certification process” that developers can use to bridge the gap in consumer confidence. This is made possible through the demonstration that their app is safe to download and use.

With a SafeApp Certificate, the company says, Android developers can improve app retention and conversion.

“Google’s open source app publishing model is great from a development standpoint, but the downside is that user privacy intrusions are a persistent problem, as multiple incidents have illustrated,” said Joe Santilli, CEO of SafeApp Mobility. “When developers take user safety and privacy seriously and demonstrate that commitment with a SafeApp Certificate, users take notice.

“Our stats show that 24% of users look at the privacy information we present – they care about this issue,” he adds. “We also see a 31% increase in 24-hour retention and a 100% increase in seven-day retention for apps with a SafeApp Certificate. This translates directly into developers’ profits.”

To learn more about the SafeApp Certificate, click here.