Rutgers University Now Offering Mini MBA in Mobile Marketing Program

In yet another illustrative example of the increasing adoption of mobile marketing principles and practices within the world of academia, the venerable institution for higher learning known as Rutgers University has launched a new program in mobile marketing studies.

It is now possible to earn a Mini MBA in mobile marketing. According Rutgers, the certificate-based program can be completed in 10 sessions lasting approximately thirty-six hours. The program will be led and taught by marketing executives in the mobile realm.

With a massive spike in popularity of mini MBA programs over the last few years, the addition of a mobile marketing-related MBA is not only brilliant, but highly practical as the job market explodes with new hiring opportunities for marketing professionals well-versed in the mobile channel.

This program ($4,995 in tuition) addresses questions such as:

* Why is mobile the most profound and pervasive media of our time, and how does this impact implications and expectations for businesses and brands?

* Which mobile tools, technologies and tactics are available to professionals, and how can they successfully integrate mobile into their marketing mix?

* How should marketers track their mobile programs, and what are the metrics and key performance indicators?

* What are the best practices and industry regulations of mobile marketing?

* How are companies succeeding through mobile marketing? What examples and case studies provide key lessons and direction for using mobile as a revenue-generating and communications channel?

For more information on the program from Rutgers, click here.