Rumor Watch: Google May Launch Cloud-Based Storage Services

The tech rumor mill is churning out a major chunk of speculation today, as word surfaced Thursday that Google may soon launch a cloud-storage service.

The Internet search giant is expected to call its service “Drive.” It will enable users to store a variety of personal digital content, like images, documents, and videos, on Google’s servers and then remotely access them at any time on any connected device.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s rumored service could launch this spring if not sooner.

If such a a service ultimately manifests, it will mark Google’s delivery on a promise made some five years ago to enter the cloud-storage space. The company had previously worked to develop a service that would have been called “G Drive.”

Although it never got off the ground, “G Drive” would have allowed users to store music and other digital files online.

No word yet on what Google may charge for the service, but sources say the company plans to competitively price its offering in order to successfully compete with cloud-storage leaders like DropBox.

Would you be interested in a cloud-based storage service from Google?