Rumor: Walmart Killing Their Cash Registers

Rumor Walmart Killing Their Cash RegistersIs Walmart about to replace its arsenal of cash registers in order to allocate more retail space to products?

It’s a hot rumor circulating across the blogosphere today although Walmart hasn’t publicly commented on the matter yet.

But if sales associates are soon equipped with mobile credit card readers, it won’t come as a big surprise.

As MMW has reported in recent months, POS systems are poised to dramatically change. And retailers are ready for it.

Outdated POS systems are now faced with compliance deadlines, difficulties protecting sensitive customer information, expensive hardware failures and maintenance costs, crippling software limitations, and more.

With 66% of in-store transactions made with plastic today and 180 million Americans carrying credit or debit cards, it’s no wonder why retailers and merchants of all sizes are flocking to mobile swipers like Square and PayAnywhere – two leading professional grade mobile point of sale solutions providers that have changed the face of retail and how professionals get paid.

So, will Walmart make the plunge into mobile payments? Stay tuned. We may have an answer sooner rather than later.