Rumor: Isis Mobile Wallet Coming October 22nd?

Thursday brought with it a slate of new rumors regarding the trial launch of Google Wallet competitor Isis.

Following months of speculation and suggestions across the tech news blogosphere, it now appears that this platform could go live in trial markets before the end of October.

Based on a tip received by Android Central, October 22nd is the date planned for this trial launch.

The information was contained in a leaked internal document.

The doc, sent our way by an anonymous tipster, says that beginning Oct. 22, customers in Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX will be able to use the Isis Mobile Wallet service on “Isis Ready devices” — though no complete list of devices was provided.

Based on the details presented in the leaked info, Isis “supporting banks'” credit cards “will be supported, and that Isis users will get a complementary $10 balance on their pre-paid Isis Cash Card just for signing up and activating their wallet.”

So is this a reality or just another rumor? MMW will keep you posted.