Rumor: iPhone 5S Shipping in August

Source out of China are kicking off the month of March with a bang as they set the rumor mill spinning once more.

According to published reports from the far east this morning, Apple’s next iPhone refresh – the iPhone 5S – will debut sometime in August.

Chinese tech news site EMSOne, however, adds that a more affordable version of the latest iPhone model will also turn up this summer.

The rumored cheaper entry level iPhone will reportedly be produced from polycarbonate rather than glass or aluminum.

Although doubts remain as to whether Apple will indeed release a “cheap iPhone model,” the iPhone 5S is expected to impress as as the first true world model of the popular touchscreen smartphone.

Unlike current iPhones that need different models for separate carriers, the iPhone 5S will be one to rule them all, compatible worldwide. This also suggests a new chip like Qualcomm’s LTE processor that words on 40 bands.

The iPhone 5S is anticipated to work on China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier.