Rumor: Facebook May Announce IPO By Wednesday

When it comes to kicking off 2012 with a bang, Facebook may be poised to do just that if the rumor mill is correct today. According to the Wall Street Journal on Monday morning, social networking giant Facebook might announce its IPO this week.

“The deal,” the WSJ report reads, “could raise as much as $10 billion and value the social network between $75 billion and $100 billion.”

Sources “familiar” with the matter are quoted in the article but not named.

As of this writing, Facebook could file documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission within the next 48 hours. Executives for Facebook, however, are said to still be wavering about the timing of the decision, with it remaining a strong possibility that the filing won’t occur for a few more weeks.

In the big picture, Facebook is still believed to be targeting an IPO between April and June of this year.

Do you believe Facebook is going public as soon as the sources indicate? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.