Rumor: Apple’s iPad mini Set for November 2nd Release

Next Tuesday, October 23rd, Apple will raise the curtain on its rumored iPad mini. But just how soon after that unveiling will consumers actually get their hands on the device?

Based on the latest credible source revelations, the miniature iPad will go one sales within two weeks of the launch.

Geeky Gadgets cited a prominent U.K. retailer as the source of its information. For the iPhone 5, the September 21 retail availability date was telegraphed ahead of time thanks to leaked information from carrier partners, and retailers have been a source of Apple-related product leaks in the past.

Tech Crunch says that its own credible source has similarly backed up the claim about November 2nd.

While it isn’t yet clear if Apple’s iPad mini will be hobbled by supply constraints as widely rumored, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray thinks a November 2nd release will still allow Apple to sell at least 5 million iPad minis in the holiday quarter of this year.