Rumor: Apple’s Chinese R&D Center Coming Sooner Than Expected

Earlier this week, MMW reported that Apple is contemplating the launch of an R&D center in China.

Based on what we’re hearing today, “contemplating” has turned into “confirmation.”

On Monday, sources in China claimed that Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during a meeting with Beijing’s acting mayor Wang Anshun that Apple’s R&D aspirations were coming to China soon.

As it turns out, “soon” may be sooner than we thought.

According to information obtained by CNET China (via BrightWire), Apple’s R&D center will be located in Shanghai and could open within 6-8 months.

Apple will announce the opening of its R&D center in China this summer, but instead of being located in Beijing as rumored, the center will be situated in Pudong, Shanghai, an unnamed insider source told CNET today.

Apple’s R&D center is expected to consist of “three six-story Baroque style buildings with total floor area standing at approximately 10,000 sqm.”

Apple is yet to formally comment on plans for R&D inside of China.