Rubicon Project, nToggle Take New Opportunities for a Spin

Capping off a full slate of acquisition news to start the week, Rubicon Project — a global exchange for advertising — has announced that it has acquired nToggle, a technology company that makes it easier and more cost effective for programmatic buyers to find the inventory they’re looking for among the billions of bid requests they receive each day.

We’re told that the technology will be made available on the Rubicon Project platform in the coming months, giving buyers the option to utilize the bid request optimization technology.

Since the introduction of header bidding, the number of bid requests received by demand side platforms (DSPs) has increased by as much as 5X. Although access to inventory has increased, the infrastructure costs associated with that growth have put a huge burden on DSPs, resulting in many of them never seeing large swaths of that available inventory.

The bottom line? The nToggle technology makes it easier for DSPs to more effectively identify and target their key audiences, while also sreducing their infrastructure costs by compressing inbound queries per second (QPS) by as much as 80%.

“Integrating nToggle’s technology into Rubicon Project’s platform enables buyers to find the ‘signal in the noise’ so they can bid more confidently, win more auctions, and spend more with our publisher and app clients,” said Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Rubicon Project. “This acquisition underscores our commitment to strengthen the Rubicon Project exchange with tools and services that make it easy for buyers and sellers to transact. The needs of our buyers changed with the introduction of header bidding, and nToggle’s technology enables us to address those evolving needs.”