Rubicon Project, Metamarkets Partner to Provide Media Buyers Interactive Programmatic Analytics

MMW learned ahead of the weekend that Metamarkets, a provider of interactive analytics for programmatic marketing, is teaming up with Rubicon Project, operator of one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, to “help digital marketers make the most of their programmatic marketing data.”

So how will it work?

Through Rubicon Project’s advertising automation platform, which reaches approximately 1 billion consumers across 1 million websites and 20,000 mobile apps, buyers will now have access to Metamarkets’ interactive analytics dashboards to “help them discover, target and purchase mobile, video and desktop inventory more effectively in real-time.”

With Metamarkets, buyers on Rubicon Project’s platform will be provided a range of valuable metrics at their fingertips, enabling a streamlined inventory discovery process and, as a result, will be able to direct more spending through the Rubicon Project Exchange.

“Metamarkets’ dashboards provide a valuable way for our buyers to discover audiences and optimize their campaigns by drilling down on fresh programmatic data,” said Bill Wolfe, VP of Product Management for Mobile Apps, Rubicon Project. “This collaboration represents a further step forward in advancing our mission of making it easy and safe for buyers to reach their desired audiences, drive brand engagement and fuel customer acquisition.”

“Buyers leverage Metamarkets dashboards to increase their bidding activity and spend, which in turn raises mobile eCPMs and revenue for publishers,” adds Mike Driscoll, CEO at Metamarkets. “Rubicon Project is one of the largest mobile exchanges in the world, sitting at the heart of a digital transformation of marketing, and adding interactive analytics will allow it to increase transparency with its buyers, give them fast and easy access to programmatic data, and reveal instant insights on how their campaigns are performing. We look forward to working closely with them to make the most of their mobile, video and desktop data with interactive analytics.”

Buyers interested in more information about the integration can contact Rubicon Project online here or visit Metamarkets online here.