Rubicon Project Acquires Chango

Rubicon Project Acquires ChangoRubicon Project, a global technology company, confirmed this week that it is acquiring privately held Chango Inc., which specializes in intent marketing technology.

Chango is described as being Canada’s fastest-growing technology company.

The deal, we’re told, is worth approximately $122 Million.

The Chango acquisition will enable Rubicon Project to expand its premium advertising marketplace with intent marketing technology that includes access to keyword, contextual targeting and retargeting budgets. Through this acquisition the company will bring access to an additional $35 Billion of intent marketing spend to the Rubicon Project marketplace.

Marc Poirier, CEO and Co-Founder of Acquisio, tells MMW that the deal is a significant one.

“Search data is one of the strongest intent signals available for display advertisers, it was just a matter of time before one of the three main search retargeting companies would get acquired,” Poirier says. “It will now be interesting to see what happens with and magnetic.”

“The acquisition of Chango by Rubicon is a great example of how the Adtech Stack is evolving in it’s’ ongoing efforts of bringing the right user, the right message at the right time,” adds Kent Keilback, CEO of adMobix.

The integration of Chango’s technology into the Rubicon Project marketplace, we’re told, “will provide the platform’s entire base of premium buyers and sellers access to intent marketing capabilities.”

“The team at Chango has done an extraordinary job engineering and deploying their intent marketing technology; they have built terrific products and a stellar team,” says Frank Addante, CEO of Rubicon Project. “Chango’s technology brings keyword, contextual targeting and retargeting to premium display, mobile and video advertising. This will enable us to bring intent marketing budgets to an independent, open marketplace that serves premium buyers and sellers at scale for the first time. Our combined capabilities will help to grow and innovate, while also fueling a rapid acceleration of Rubicon Project’s overall Buyer Cloud business, advancing our technology roadmap and team build out by more than one year.”