Rovio’s Little ‘Piggies’ Go to The Bank

Rovio probably couldn’t stop making money at this point if it wanted to. The maker of the white-hot Angry Birds franchise is breaking the bank wit its newest game. And this time it’s the “piggies” doing the dirty work.

‘Bad Piggies’ has reached #1 in the US iTunes App Store and, in the process, it became the fastest rise to the top of the charts for a Rovio game.

“The game has been well received by fans,” Rovio says in a self-congratulating press release touting the milestone, “with universal acclaim from gaming press and mainstream outlets alike.”

‘Bad Piggies’, which lets the players take control of the green pigs familiar from the ‘Angry Birds’ games, is also Rovio’s third #1 bestseller release in a row during 2012, following ‘Angry Birds Space’ and ‘Amazing Alex’. Both of the previous titles reached the #1 slot on the App Store charts within the first day of release, but ‘Bad Piggies’ smashed previous Rovio records with its three-hour surge to the top.

“It’s been an incredible launch, both for the game and for ‘Bad Piggies” as a brand,'” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. ‘We have an amazing audience who have shown fantastic support for all of our games throughout the year. Our fans have given ‘Bad Piggies’ an incredible reception – we can’t thank them enough!”

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