Rovio Finding Advertising Success on Mobile

Rovio Finding Advertising Success on MobileLast week, Rovio, makers of the legendary Angry Birds franchise, announced the enormous success of its video channel, ToonsTV.

ToonsTV includes both original Rovio content (animated shorts on the birds), as well as third party content, and it can be accessed through all Angry Birds apps, which has logged over 2 billion downloads to date, as well as channels like Samsung Smart TVs and Roku devices.

According to a report from NativeMobile, the average session time for video viewing is 12-15 minutes. 4-6 videos were watched per session on average, and the audience breakdown was 30% kids, 30% teens and 40% adults.

“Not surprisingly, digital and mobile advertisers are also flocking to ToonsTV,” the report reads. “ToonsTV Advertisers have so far included Activision, Disney, Hasbro, Google, Kraft, Pepperidge Farms, State Farm, Sony Pictures, and BlackBerry. ToonsTV currently gets over 225 million video views a month, up from 100M in September 2013.”

ToonsTV reached 1 billion views in its first seven months of operation.

Rovio published the following infographic, which highlights the stunning success of Rovio’s latest runaway success.