Roku Routed by Apple in Streaming Device Market Dominance

Roku Routed by Apple in Streaming Device Market DominanceIt’s another mountain climbed and conquered by Apple.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has captured better than half of the streaming device market with the Apple TV.

According to a new report this week from Frost & Sullivan, the Apple TV now controls an estimated 56% of the global IP streaming devices market. In fact, Roku – Apple’s nearest competitor – isn’t near Apple’s dominant market share at all.

Roku now controls just 21% of this increasingly lucrative market.

TiVO places third with 6.5% of worldwide sales. The remaining 15.9% is divided among Sony, Boxee TV, Logitech Revue, Vizio, and other smaller market participants.

So how did Apple manage to  corner this market so quickly?

Analyst Dan Rayburn says the popularity of Apple’s iPad and iPhone certainly helped.

“Apple TV’s AirPlay feature was strategically crafted to simplify the process of transferring laptop and tablet displays to a TV screen, and it is AirPlaying – not (online video) streaming – that is the primary reason for purchase of Apple TV devices,” Rayburn said, according to Gigaom.