Roggio: The Smartest Ways to Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

What Are The Easiest Ways to Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday SalesArmando Roggio of Practical Ecommerce has published a helpful rundown of savvy ways to boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year.

As his insightful piece highlights, there are plenty of great ways to increase conversions as these two massive shopping days fast approach and with more shoppers coming out each year in order to take advantage of great sales and promotions.

So if you’re a business with products and services to offer in the coming days, here are a few helpful ways that shrewd marketers and merchants can make the most of the crowds.

  1. Stock up in the right way. Don’t just double up on your normal items. Pick up items that other retailers are trying to get rid of or stock from stores that are closing. These low-cost products can make you some serious cash when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  2. Get your holiday season landing page ready NOW (if you haven’t already). You want your relevant landing page to be ready when the shoppers come to call. Savvy shoppers are going to start querying the topic earlier and earlier—so make sure your webpage is ready.
  3. Make a subscription list just for Cyber Monday and Black Friday shoppers. On that landing page, make sure there is a way for shoppers to sign up for your email subscription list—specifically so that they can be notified about deals for these two shopping days.
  4. Make a PDF flyer for promoting your sale. This flyer can both be emailed, embedded, and printed off, making it the perfect marketing tool, especially if you distribute in circulars.
  5. Update your blog for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers. Do this by providing content about how to pick the right gift or where to find the best deals. This will draw more page views and more customers.