Rockerbox Introduces New Tech to Help Marketers Identify and Activate Audiences

Rockerbox launched on Tuesday its Recency Marketing Platform, the first technology solution that “enables companies to leverage recent user behaviors to improve their customer acquisition and marketing analytics.”
Rockerbox’s comprehensive platform focuses on the last 60 minutes of a prospect’s online activity across all channels and devices, helping marketers to optimize their media spend and increase conversions.

Initial Rockerbox clients have increased their post-click conversions by as much as 300% and have reduced their cost per acquisition on prospecting campaigns by as much as 60%.

Rockerbox research shows the last 60 minutes of online activity is a much better indicator of intent to purchase than other forms of information, such as audience segmentation based on broad generalizations and old data.

“We believe that if you knew what your customers and prospects were doing in the last hour, you would buy media differently,” said Ron Jacobson, Rockerbox Co-Founder and CEO. “For any company looking to convert shoppers into buyers, the secret is understanding your prospects. Our recency technology enables advertisers to zero in on the audience they know is ready to buy based on their most recent behavior. Just as gold miners used rocker boxes to separate dirt from gold, Rockerbox analyzes millions of ad impressions daily to surface insights that deliver greater return on ad spend.”

If you’re not familiar, Rockerbox has worked with household-name brands such as Discover, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Vimeo, along with top ad agencies including Horizon and Richard’s Group.