Roamware Divulges Mobile Payment Plans, Takes On Interoperability Issues

Roamware Divulges Mobile Payment Plans, Takes On Interoperability IssuesRoamware, although making no formal announcements at MWC thus far, divulged its plans in regards to mobile payments and mobile finance in general in an interview with GoMo News today.

Roamware built its business by partnering with operators — 418 total in over 150 countries to be exact — to provide roaming solutions, but has plans to parlay its reach and knowledge into the realm of mobile payments.  The largest problem facing mobile finance today is the interoperability issues between carriers, making mobile payments, for example, hard to accomplish on large scale.

With its knowledge in working with carriers around the world, Roamware has plans to introduce technology that carriers can utilize to “be able to do the job themselves, and do it well.”  In other words, Roamware doesn’t have plans to introduce its own solution, but will aim to provide the necessary technology to help bring everything together from an operator’s point of view.

Battling security issues and heavy worldwide regulation placed on international money transfers, Roamware is in the process of building a so-called “airtime transfer hub,” which when complete and secure, will allow operators to build upon to bring mobile payments closer to mainstream reality.  Though the solution is far away from being complete, it’s an aggressive initiative by a company who’s in a prime position to take the problem head-on.  Though you’ve likely never heard of Roamware before, you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more from them in the near future.