Road Devil: What the 'Hell' is AOL Doing in Mobile Now?

Road Devil: What the 'Hell' is AOL Doing in Mobile Now?AOL has just rolled out what it calls the latest addition to its Devil Ad Suite of premium formats.

Meet the “Road Devil Interstitial for Mobile.”

With this announcement, AOL says it is effectively expanding its offerings to deliver “unprecedented reach and scale” of both data-driven premium formats and access to premium inventory across every screen.

“AOL continues to reinforce its commitment to helping advertisers and publishers improve the engagement levels and performance of cross-screen campaigns,” a statement from AOL reads. “As consumer consumption and online habits evolve, marketers must leverage a new combination of tools to drive results including data, formats, and top quality inventory.”

AOL most recently introduced a new mobile native ad unit, announced the new Native Anywhere suite of solutions that activates branded content in a bold new way, starting with the Sponsored Module and unveiled its first “Live” ad unit.