RMAD Platform Looks to Facilitate Better Business Intelligence

RMAD Platform Looks to Facilitate Better Business IntelligenceThis week, the folks at Snappii — a cloud-based platform for rapid mobile app development — announced that the platform has been enhanced with charting capabilities.
“Now data can be displayed via pies, column charts, line charts, bar charts, and scatter charts,” Snappii staffers say. This further promotes “business intelligence.”

Specifically, this new feature allows Snappii customers to significantly improve their apps and simplify the process of data visualization and analysis.

Here’s a use case cited by the firm:

Use case: Restaurant inspectors can make group inspection reports by adding their observations on the warmth of the greeting, the sufficiency of the room light, the cleanliness of the kitchen, the quality of the food served, etc., and then compare their findings to come up with a more accurate restaurant review.

“Giving our customers the ability to visualize and analyze collected data or data from any data source further differentiates the Snappii mobile rapid app development platform from its competitors, – says Alex Bakman, Snappii President and Owner. “Charts are indispensable when it comes to displaying and analyzing information in real time. Snappii customers can add this charting capability to their apps quickly and easily.”