Risks Expand Along with Workplace Mobile Usage, Reliance

Risks Expand Along with Workplace Mobile Usage, RelianceWith the rewards of modern mobile technologies also come the risks.

According to a disturbing new report from Raytheon Company, the aforementioned risks are especially prevalent in the workplace.

“While mobile devices are an integral part of the workplace, the cyber security practices and budgets in most organizations are not keeping pace with the growing number of devices that must be managed and kept secure,” a statement provided to MMW reads.

The report in question is based on a survey revealing that 52 percent of organizations and employees frequently sacrifice security practices to realize the efficiency benefits of mobile connectivity.

According to the research, on average one-third of employees use mobile devices exclusively to do their work and this is expected to increase significantly to an average of 47 percent of employees in the next 12 months. Even in light of this anticipated growth, 64 percent surveyed claimed that they do not currently or expect to have sufficient budget to mitigate or curtail mobile device cyber security threats.

“This survey points to the fact that there is a struggle to find the right balance between the cyber security needs of an organization and the efficiencies demanded by employees to do their jobs,” says Ashok Sankar, senior director of product management and strategy at Raytheon Cyber Products. “Mobile devices are becoming a dominant workplace tool, and organizations must adopt a mobile strategy with data security technologies that enable employees to work effectively without putting sensitive information at risk.”