RippleNami Rolls Out rWAVES, a New Web Application Platform

RippleNami Rolls Out rWAVES, a New Web Application PlatformOn Tuesday, RippleNami — a company that aims to help collect, organize and visualize global data — today shared with MMW detail on the launch of rWAVES.

Designed to fundamentally change how customers interact with the world around them, rWAVES “seamlessly integrates physical and digital information using maps to provide real time awareness, communication and operations anywhere around the globe.”

So how does it work?

“Our technology indexes, categorizes and connects information to a map that adds depth and meaning, fundamentally changing how data is used,” says Bill VanDeWeghe, president and CEO of RippleNami. “Users now have the ability to seamlessly aggregate data into a real-time, searchable visualization platform that enables better decision making not otherwise available on the market.”

With rWAVES, the company proposes, people can now collaborate in real time around the world with improved efficiency and accuracy of information.