Ripl App Launches New Way For SMB’s To Connect With Customers On Facebook Pages

MMW has learned that Ripl, Inc. — a leading small business mobile marketing software provider — is giving small and medium-sized businesses worldwide a seamless, simple way to directly respond to Facebook Page customer feedback on their posts.

Now launching on Android, the Facebook Page post feature was recently rolled out on all Ripl iOS apps.

Ripl users are primarily micro-business proprietors who use the software to create, post and track branded videos for social media. Ripl’s users can now communicate and respond directly to their followers’ activity on Facebook Pages from within Ripl. Responding to Facebook Page comments directly from push notifications will also roll out to Ripl users later this month.

Ripl COO Clay McDaniel said that the new customer relationship management (“CRM”) features are a natural extension of Ripl’s strength—helping small businesses create social media content with high visibility and engagement rates. “Successful small businesses use the power and immediacy of digital communications to acknowledge their customers and keep them engaged,” McDaniel said. “Now, Ripl users talking with people who engage through Facebook Page posts can close the loop.”

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